Training is customized to enhance athlete's individual field performance.
We implement 3 phases to ensure optimal development.


How we train anyone is how we train everyone.





Bionic ‚Äčis a combination of plyometrics, resistance and over speed training. Our goal is to load the muscle while doing sport specific agility drills.This will increase reactive strength , fast twitch fiber activity and build tolerance for moving at an accelerated pace. This series is usually emphasized in early spring or first 3 sessions in a 10 session package deal.



Mutant  is a dash of intense ball carrying  drills with a twist. This stage  athletes will begin to mutate into a dynamic runner and enhance every area of their position. QB's will develop zone read and scramble effectiveness. Receivers will increase yards after catch. Defenders will enhance their chances to take it to the house after turnover.


Heisman is our in season maintenance phase. The objective is to focus on reactionary movements such as jump cuts , shock steps and spinning away from tacklers. Drills are shorter and less top end speed oriented. This helps to  preserve athletes legs through out  season

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