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Every ball carrier has a signature move and a counter move that helps define his SUPER POWER (running style). Some are long striders , one cut and go , jitter bugs or bulldozers. We at Run 2 Daylight believe every great runner is different but proficient in these 3 categories. Great runners like Jim Brown , Eric Dickerson , Barry Sanders , Gale Sayers , Bo Jackson , Marshall Faulk , Adrian Peterson , Ezekiel Elliott , Leonard Fournette, Ladainian Tomlinson, Le'veon Bell and Saquon Barkley can stop and start on a dime, explosive and balanced during contact and possess fast fancy feet in tight space.


The ability to stop and start is crucial in every sport. In football we use this skill to juke, make sudden changes of direction and then accelerate quickly as possible. Learning proper stop mechanics will also prevent injuries. Most lower body injuries occur from an unbalanced plant leg while attempting to decelerate or redirect. 



Explosive power is the ability to exert maximal amount of force in shortest possible distance. Our Bionic phase will help develop muscle recruitment for first step quickness, linear and lateral velocity. Great ball carriers can attack daylight with max velocity. Balance impacts the runner’s ability to stay on his feet after contact.



The ability to move swiftly in a confined space is imperative for great ball carriers.  During a football play running lanes open fast but close even faster. We will teach you how to improve your foot cadence and become more rhythmic and precise in tight area cutting


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